Several banks offer personal credit lines, however, only a few offer advantages.

Find out which banks are accredited for the INSS Payroll Loan .

What are the banks authorized to do INSS consigned loan?

Retirees and Pensioners INSS can contract payroll loans, with interest rates and different terms. However, it is necessary that the bank is agreed to the Social Security , to guarantee such exclusive conditions.

Currently, 45 financial institutions are accredited and authorized to offer loans to INSS beneficiaries. Among them, some of the largest banks in the country.

As the interest rate is regulated by a maximum amount, also called a ceiling, currently set at 2.08% per month, it is still possible to get among all the offers of banks, the best condition.

In this way, the consumer can compare and find the lowest rate for the payroll loan .

Check the list of authorized banks to make consignment loans.

List of authorized banks

List of authorized banks


The Payroll Loan can already be contracted in several banks, in different states.

The validity of the agreements with the Social Presidency respects a predetermined period and may be renewed for other periods.

The consigned loan can only be granted by banks or financial institutions accredited at the Central Bank .

The intermediation of the negotiation, however, can be carried out and facilitated by the so-called banking correspondents.

Bank correspondents are companies contracted by financial institutions and other institutions authorized by the Central Bank for the provision of services, such as service, typing or simulation of proposals. Similarly, the correspondent must be authorized by the banks.

Thus, it is necessary to be aware of the institutions authorized to make consigned loans for INSS beneficiaries, to avoid fraud.

In case of doubt, the consumer should always consult the Social Security website or the Central Bank.

Also know what are the other bank rules of payroll deductible credit for INSS Retirees and Pensioners.

Bank Rules for the Consigned Loan for Retirees and Pensioners


The beneficiary is not required to take out the loan at the same bank where the payment is received . In this way, you can make the evaluation and opt for what is most advantageous, in terms of interest rate, Total Cost Effective, terms for payment and other conditions.

For security reasons, the amount can only be credited to the account in which the Retiree or Pensioner receives. Credit, therefore, is not allowed in the third-party account, only in the holder’s account.

To avoid scams it is only possible to contract the loan in the state in which the beneficiary resides and receives. Thus, the risk of having some irregularity is less.

It is important to note that a bank may refuse to offer payroll deductible credit to an INSS beneficiary, in case of internal restriction, also called internal cadastral restraint, for example, whose regularization must be performed directly with the titular bank.

Even if this happens, consumers can seek credit from another bank. As the payroll loan does not consider consultation with the SPC or SERASA and the cadastral restriction is not registered, there is no impediment in contracting the loan in another authorized bank.

The release of the money is conditioned to the value of the Margin Consignable . Thus, the higher the available margin, the greater the credit released. The limit is 35% of the net value of the benefit, being 5% for use in specific credit card amortization .

Understand now how the deductible loan discount works on retirement or pension.

How the Payroll Credit Discount Works Retirement or Pension

How the Payroll Credit Discount Works Retirement or Pension


The consigned credit operation (consignment of monthly installments) can be carried out in three ways:

1- Consignment

When the discount occurs directly on the INSS payroll (benefit).

2 – Consignment with retention

Modality in which the bank in which the retiree receives the benefit grants the paycheck-deductible loan and can carry out the withholding of payments.

The discounted value of the benefit account is for debt repayment purposes. Discounts over 30% per benefit are not allowed.

3 – Consignment by credit card

Modality in which retirees receive an optional credit card. The Margin Reserve can be carried out in the maximum amount of 10% of the benefit.

Therefore, when the payroll loan contract is signed, the bank is authorized, after the endorsement, to deduct monthly only the exact amount of the installment, during the contract period .

This value   already considers all rates and fees related to the loan. The maximum number of parcels allowed is 72 months.

If any divergence or undue debit as: value above the contractor, duplicate installments or out of the term of the contract, must be claimed from the bank.

If the request is not answered, the client may seek the Ombudsman’s Office.

It should be remembered that as payroll deductible loans are discounted directly from retirement or pension, the amount received will be lower every month.

The difference between the benefit amount and the net amount refers to all discounts made on the benefit. In the case of payroll, the number of contracts can reach new lines in the same CPF .

It is also important to be aware of the benefit statement so as not to have the negative margin.

How to compare the interest rate of the agreed banks


With the ease of access to the internet, it is now possible to simulate the payroll loan , without leaving home and with the same security of going to a bank.

Some of the benefits of online service include:

  • Possibility of comparing the rate of several banks in a single online simulation;
  • Response time agility;
  • To discover the INSS allowable margin;
  • Simulate and contract payroll credit online.

It is possible to contract credit safely and still guarantee the best conditions.

Do you want to make a payday loan?

Do you want to make a payday loan?