Retirees and INSS Pensioners have the best rates in the market with payroll deductible loans and can still count on the ease of having the loan installments automatically deducted from their benefit . No bureaucracy!

Find out fast and easy, how much you can borrow and how much time to pay with the online payday loan simulator.

Make your loan simulation for INSS retirees and pensioners, in the best banks!

Banks that offer Payroll Loans for Retirees and Pensioners 

Pensioner Loan

With the increase in demand, more and more banks have also been interested in offering payroll loans for INSS Pensioners and Pensioners.

Currently, more than 40 banks authorized by Social Security have exclusive credit lines for INSS beneficiaries . Between them:

  • Payroll Loan Banco Banrisul;
  • Loan Payable Bank BMG;
  • Payroll Loan Banco Bradesco;
  • Loan Consigned Banco do Brasil;
  • Borrowing Consigned Banco Cetelem;
  • Itaú Consignment Loan;
  • Loan Payments Bank PAN;
  • Payroll Loan Bank Safra;
  • Loan Consigned Banco Santander;

With so many options available, you will surely have one that will meet your need and fit in your pocket!

In addition to the loan, most of these banks also have the payroll deductible credit card. Released without consultation of the SPC or Serasa, without annuity and still with several benefits thought for you!

Now simulate your consigned card limit without leaving your home:

Guarantee your card for installment purchases or cash withdrawal with the best interest rates.

How to compare and find out the best interest rates?

How to compare and find out the best interest rates?

You will inform your need in the online payroll simulator and our technology will take care of the rest.

With online simulation it is possible to compare the interest rate of several institutions at a single time and receive the best conditions and proposals from the banks for the payroll loan.

If your goal is to hire a new payroll loan, refinance or make portability of your current contracts , bxblue can help you!

How to choose the best payment term?

How to choose the best payment term?

The payroll loan for INSS Retirees and Pensioners can be paid in up to 72 months, with pre-fixed installments and interest rates .

The number of installments will depend on the need of each consumer, however, it must be remembered that the longer the term, the greater the Total Effective Cost. That way, always choose what actually meets your need.

Remember that you will commit part of your income just like any other loan. Therefore, we recommend that you make a financial analysis and planning before acquiring any long-term debt.